We have designed and executed more than 500 industrial projects all across India and now also the Middle East.

Automobiles, Pharma, Glass & Allied Products, Copper & Cable units, Garments & Hosiery, Shoes, White goods, Packaging & Printing, Heavy Steel , Food Processing, Handicrafts, Forging, Leather etc.

We have specialization in Multilevel R.C.C. & Pre-Engineered Buildings.

For most of our clients who have trusted us for decades and even generations, we have designed multiple State of the Art factories across the country and beyond from Chennai to Haridwar and Dubai.

Our designs are an extension of their Brand Entity, smoothly combining aesthetics with efficient production facilities.

We have thorough knowledge and experience of handling large scale industrial units up to 0.5 million sq.ft of single construction, giving us a clear edge over other consultants.

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