Projects methodology

Every project has an aspiration, A dream that needs Fulfilment.

We make every such dream come true. The aspirations of the client and the project are synchronized with every possible techinicality to give birth to an architectural vision.

And finally, when the end user moves, after his daily chores in this built Environment, Unconscious of the Planning, Detailing & Supervision that has gone into every Sq ft. of the space...

Atwin more services

AtWin Services

services provided

  • Design Consultancy
  • Project Management Services
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Hospitality Projects etc.

The rigorous process through which we start & finish a project is described in brief below:

Stage 1 Client & Project Aspiration
  • Understanding Requirements
  • Byelaws Assessment
  • Pre Design Evaluation

Stage 2 Conceptual Design
  • Preparing Program Brief
  • Concept Sketches & Design
  • Estimation
  • Economic Viability
  • Phasing of Projects

Stage 3 Allied Services
  • Structural Design
  • Heat, Ventilation & Air Conditoning
  • Office Automation
  • Security Systems
  • Water Supply & Disposal Systems
  • Fire Fighting Systems
  • Electrical Design
  • Green Building Parameters
Stage 4 Detailing
  • Working Drawings for Execution
  • Design Specifications
  • 3D Modeling

Stage 5 Cost Analysis & Approvals
  • Calculating Quantities
  • Approval from Statutory Bodies
  • Material Specifications
  • Cost Estimation

Stage 6 Tendering & Award of Contracts

Stage 7 Site Monitoring & Execution
  • Coordination of all Services
  • Consultants & Contractors
  • Quality Control
  • Site Supervision

Stage 8 Valuations
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