Every residence is a clients dream . Atwin has shaped numerous client desires into reality.

Ranging from villas and mansions, to service apartments, hotels and resorts, hill architecture, theme housing, we've helped realize numerous residences.

Hi end residences

Atwin has delivered and designed numerous posh residences to bring pride to their owners. We have accomplished this through keen attention to detail, exquisite design concepts, expert market analysis of trends and materials, and the intention to foresee the client's interest.

Hill architecture

We have designed and delivered more than 20 projects in the hills- the most challenging of locations.

We have designed projects on slopes as high as 60 degrees, with some of them as big as 5 lakh sq.ft. built up space.


Atwin has successfully designed service apartments & second homes for various stratas of society. We have offered our skills to the most serene and exotic locations all over North India, like Rishikesh, Nainitaal, Shimla, Haridwar, Kasauli, Vrindavan, Agra, Manali etc.

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